Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Dresslily's arrival!

Hello love ones!!
There was no comment on my last post, i was feeling bad, May be no one liked my that post 😢.No grudge. 
Today, here i am with my new arrivals, New dresses from Dresslily I found this dresses on Dresslily and couldn't control to buy it despite the winter. Because its still much warm weather here.

When package arrived impatiently i unpack to try 1st dress High Waist Sleeveless Polka Dot 50s Dress. This dress seems perfectly fit for me, no need of alteration require. 

Alloy Rhinestone Butterfly Sparkly Necklace compliment this dress. 

2nd dress i chose to wear for New year party , Vintage Backless Mini Dress paired it with necklace i had. 

And most awaited gift for my daughter for Christmas is 

A1 Bluetooth Smart Watch Phone with Sleep Monitor Camera Single SIM. She just love it. It has all awesome function which she wanted. She is super excited after getting this. 

 Hope you all will like this post of mine. Please fill free to comment on it. All your comments inspire me to keep going. Love to wait for it. Have a nice week to all. 


  1. what a beautifull dresses! i like them!

  2. lovely dresses perfect for every occasion:D

  3. Second dress look amazing :)

  4. Both of those dresses are so pretty! I have never tried Dresslily, but I have heard of them! I really love the vintage dress (#2!!). What a sweet gift for your daughter!


    1. Thank you so much dear!!,yea she love it.

  5. What a lovely dresses!
    You look beautiful, as always.

  6. Looks really interesting! As usual great post!

  7. You look stunning and this skirt and dress are so lovely

  8. only the most beautiful are meant for a perfect beauty like you!
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  9. Wow I really love the second dress
    you look awesome
    We wish you a lovely day.

  10. Really interesting article! I wait for you in my Blog, I have a new article to make you read thanks dear

  11. Hey! Thank you for the comment on my blog. I'm glad you like it. You look very nice in these styles.

  12. The second dress is beautiful! You look gorgeous ;) Perfect for any occasions ;) And it presents remarkably with this necklace.
    I'm your new follower ;)

  13. Really Nice items!

    Happy Weekend

  14. Thank you for the comment on my blog :-) Nice dress❤ I follow you.

  15. Great dresses :)

    Regards and have a nice day,

  16. Thank You for visiting me. I know the dresslily shop very well and I really like it. both dresses you choose are beautiful. you look great. the second is perfect for New Year's Eve. I also ordered a smart watch but it arrived with a damaged belt :(
    I greet you warmly from Poland 😘😘😘
    And I follow You 😍

  17. Great dresses :) I like this shops, they have awesome handbags too :)

  18. Wow you look so feminine in those dresses,
    I love all of them, but the first one is so cute, reminds me a bit of an grown-up minney mouse :D
    You look so lovely :D

    take a look at my BLOG and also INSTAGRAM

  19. Your outfit gives splendor and radiance! Congratulations dear!

  20. Beautiful dress and skirt:)